10 Turkey Travel Tips You Should Know Before You Go

Were you aware that Turkey is among the most visited states in the entire world? In a poll performed in 2017, the nation was ranked 8th at a top 10 listing of the World’s most visited nations with 37.6 million vacationers!

Its beachfront hotels around the Mediterranean Sea, historic sites, world-renowned museums, rich culture, delicious food, and welcoming individuals are a few of the things which attract millions of visitors to the nation yearly!

If you are considering going, take a look at this listing of Turkey travel tips you ought to know prior to your trip. These hints can allow you to plan better, feel confident about being ready, and make the most out of your journey.

1. Apply Online for your Turkey visa

You will want to apply for a visa to gain entry into Turkey. It is possible to easily Travel to Turkey together with all the eVisa and when your information checks out, your visa will be transmitted to your inbox in only 24 hours! The Turkish e-Visa granted will be valid for six months, however, you can just stay in Turkey for 90-day intervals within that time.

Make sure that your passport is valid for over 60 days once you go to Turkey. When it’s not you will be denied entrance!

2. The Very Best Time to See Turkey

Turkey is a year-round travel destination, however that I advise traveling in the summertime, which will be June, July, and August. The weather then is fantastic for spending some time on the shore and sailing from the sea. If you are a foodie you’re able to travel to Turkey through winter to appreciate its distinctive winter cuisine!

Spring and fall that fall between the weeks of April, May, September, and October are also excellent times to see. Temperatures then are light and skies are all clear.

3. Turkey Travel Tips for Safety

Your security when traveling is significant and I am sure an important question you may ask as you plan your own excursion is how secure is Turkey? You’ll be delighted to know that the degree of crime in Turkey is reduced. But you must take steps to guarantee nothing happens to you. Report this advertisement

For instance:

  • Let folks know where you’re all the time.
  • In case you visit a pub do not drink outside your limit and do not leave your beverage unattended.
  • Utilize licensed flights, prevent dingy places and care for your things.

Terrorism might be a concern for you, however, this really is a concern you may have no matter where you travel on earth nowadays. The Turkish government has put in place important safety measures, particularly in major cities to prevent any terror strikes. That means you’re able to move around with no worries.

4. Learn Some Turkish

In cities such as Istanbul and Ankara, individuals talk English but if you venture out those Turkish cities it’s going to be tricky to communicate with the natives. Locals will convey with you in Turkish, that’s the national language and it’d be fine if you learn that a few Turkish words.

5. Turkish Money

The Turkish Lira is the money used in Turkey. The money is offered in 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 notes. When traveling about Turkey constantly carry money with you since using credit cards might not be okay when making payments in smaller cities or easy establishment from the bigger cities.

The money will come in handy since you hint waiters, use stalls, and purchase souvenirs from niches.

It’s possible to convert your US dollars or Euros into Turkish Lira at money banks or shops, these provide the best prices. ATMs are also available across Turkey but do not rely solely on these as you may visit regions which have money machines which don’t take your card.

6. Street Cats and Dogs

Be ready to find a good deal of street dogs and cats. You’ll see this at the entrance of the resort, as you walk on the Turkish roads, on the beach, essentially everywhere. The natives help treat those animals and you’ll find them with tags demonstrating they’ve been vaccinated. Istanbul includes a statue of Tombili, a famed street cat that expired in 2016.

7. How to Dress

Turkey is a Muslim nation but unlike other Muslim countries, they’re more relaxed on just how one dresses. They do not need women to cover-up unless they’re seeing rural cities or spiritual websites. Should you dress you won’t draw unwarranted attention throughout your journey.8. Turkish Food

Among the joys of travel is that you get to taste different meals from what you are utilized to. Make sure you try out some Turkish cuisine that’s meat hefty but there are a number of fantastic vegetarian choices. I suggest trying dishes such as lahmacun and gozleme.

Be ready to drink a good deal of Turkish tea too. Turks take a good deal of teas and do not be shocked if a shopkeeper supplies you with tea as you shop. If you are invited into a Turkish house you will be provided a freshly brewed green tea. Tea is provided as an indication of friendship and if you refuse to consume it that the host could possibly be offended.

9. NO Medicines Are Empowered in Turkey

Possession of drugs is prohibited in Turkey. I understand the legalization of marijuana is presently occurring in nations around the united states and in areas throughout the planet, but if you are found with this medication you’ll be in severe trouble. Carrying or purchasing any medications in the nation will land you in prison.

10. Traditional Turkish Toilets

When was the last time you had to squat to use the loo? Be ready to do this when in Turkey. You’ll discover western bathrooms in hotels, museums, restaurants, etc outside of those areas, squatting toilets are generally utilized.

If you experience a squatting bathroom take your telephone, pocket or some other valuables you’ve got in your pocket until you squat. If you do not, very good luck retrieving them should they neglect in the bathroom? You’ll also require a little cash and toilet paper to use public bathrooms.

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