14 Insane Homes Around the World You Need To See

You have probably seen some crazy homes around the world when traveling. From amazing condos in Bali to beachfront cottages in France to enormous mansions from the Hollywood Hills.

You may think you have seen all of it, but we have discovered some even more mad houses from all over the globe which you probably haven’t seen yet (and certainly will need to see).

These houses will take your breath away with their epic layouts and features. Thus, let’s get into it!

1. Shark Attack Home, Headington, Oxford, England

Ok, so we thought we would start off with a few of these houses that are made in a humorous manner.

The Headington Shark has existed since 1986 when Bill Heine needed a 25 ft fiberglass shark set up on the roof of the property. The best part is the shark appears as though it’s simply crashed to the home from the skies.

This was not always true, however. Heine faced a great deal of resistance from the regional Oxford council once he applied to have the artwork work installed.

Everything worked out at the end and you’ll spot this home, which can be very popular with tourists and sailors, from a mile off if you are in Headington.

2. Giant Seashell House, Mexico City

Constructed in 2006, this gorgeous home includes a giant wall of colored mosaics that divides the living room indoors with an extraordinary rainbow effect.

Inspired by the works of Antoni Gaudí and Frank Lloyd Wright, the home includes a combination of smooth surfaces and spiral staircases which actually make it feel as if you are living within a shell.

Interesting fact: the home has been constructed for a family of four that did not need to dwell at a simple residence, and rather wanted a house that was integrated with character.

3. Skateboard House, Malibu, California

Just in California huh?!

One of these houses which you not only wish to view but in addition would want to encounter!

Constructed for skaters by former pro-skater along with the creator of Etnies, Pierre Andre Senizergues, it’s possible to literally float over every surface of your home.

How? Basically every section of the home is shaped like a tube, forming a constant flow between the ground, ceiling, and walls. The furniture can be skateable — pretty cool huh?!

4. The Slide House, Japan

File this one under houses for men and women who always like to have fun!

The title of the home essentially says it all — it comprises a giant slide!

Once it appears fairly standard and easy from the exterior, a giant slide spanning three floors runs throughout the home.

In reality, the slip runs throughout the whole perimeter of the building — that is the reason why it’s soft, rounded corners.

5. The Flinstones House, Malibu, California

Ah, Malibu, home of beautiful beaches along with all of the mad homes, seemingly!

This home is really a homage to the home the Flinstone family lived in from the animation series during the 60s.

Everything in the home looks like it is made from stone. In reality, it’s almost the precise replica of the home in the television show. Pretty cool, huh?!

6. The Cement Factory Conversion, Spain

Okay, there are some seriously talented individuals out there.

The abandoned cement factory was found by Ricardo Bofill, a Spanish architect, in 1973.

Following two decades of hard labor, and planting a lot of trees and plants, the former cement mill was turned into an extraordinary complicated which doubles as Ricardo’s house and workplace.

7. Old Water Tower, Belgium

Who knew a 100-foot high water tower maybe this a smart place to reside!

This water tower was initially constructed around 1938 to save water and has been in service before the 1990s. Apparently, it was used as a German hideout during World War II.

But in 2007, the water tower underwent a complete renovation and is currently a gorgeous family home.

8. The Keret House, Poland

Welcome to the slimmest home on earth!

At approximately 5 ft wide at its widest points, this is one of these houses that’s appropriate for those that are lovers of really tiny spaces.

Developed by Jakub Szczesny, you will locate Keret House wedged between 2 buildings. Jakub wanted to ensure that no urban areas go unused.

While the home has no windows, it is semi-transparent and includes a white inside making it look more spacious.

Interesting fact: due to the small size of the home, it could only accommodate a 2 drink fridge!

9. The Pole House, Australia

Some houses simply defy all odds, and Pole House is definitely one of these.

The property this home is built on is a super steep hillside, as you can see.

To handle this challenge, the architects built the home in addition to a concrete platform that’s in addition to a 42-foot column.

By elevating the home, the architects were able to take complete benefit of their epic views surrounding the home which overlooks the Great Ocean Road. Easy and stunning!

10. The Hobbit House, Wales

This is for all those that are considering eco-friendly and themed houses.

This home is clearly inspired by Lord of The Rings. However, it was built with the environment in mind.

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